Boolean Logic in Excel

What is Boolean logic in Excel?

So, how do you use Boolean logic and how can it be used in Excel. Changes are you have heard this term thrown around. It can seem a little overwhelming at first. However, once you breakdown the math, it’s not very complicated.

In math, Boolean Algebra is when the values of variables are either True or False. Logically, True = 1 and False = 0.

By using Boolean logic, you can write formulas that use 1’s and 0’s to filter and return results.

Let’s look at the following example.

Boolean Logic Example
Boolean Example


If you look at the equations, if the formula is valid, the result is True = 1. If not, the result is False = 0.

By using Boolean logic, you can replaced nested formulas. This would include IF, SUMIF, Index, Match, and many others.

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