The Excel CONCATENATE function joins multiple strings into a single string. You can combine up to 30 text items together.


=CONCATENATE (text1, text2, [text3], …)


  • text1 – The first text value to join together.
  • text2 – The second text value to join together.
  • text3 – [optional] The third text value to join together.

You need at least two arguments to join together.

CONCATENATE Function Usage Example

Let’s look at the following examples. We demonstrate how to use this Function in several examples. This includes combining names, units, and addresses.

You can format the text in countless ways. However, Excel will only combine left to right.

=CONCATENATE(A5," ",B5) - We use the quotations to add a space
=CONCATENATE(A7," and ",B7) - You can use "&", "but", "or", etc.
Concatenate Function

In 2016, Excel introduced the CONCAT Function with the added ability to select and join a range of cells. This largely replaces the need for the CONCATENATE Function.

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