DAY Function in Excel

The DAY function in Excel returns the day of the month as a number between 1 to 31. We will go through several usage examples and how the DAY Function can be combined with other functions. We will also address a common error.




  • serial_number – (required) Must be a valid date in Excel, serial number, or reference to a date in a cell.

Day Function Usage Example:

Returns a value 1 to 31 from a specified date.

Day Function
DAY Function in Excel

Usage Errors

You may receive an error that ends in 1900. Don’t freak out. All this means is the cell, B4, is formatted as a date instead of a Number.

Day Error

Other Usage Examples:

You can use the DAY Function within other formulas. You can also add, subtract, divide, and multiply as shown below.

DAY Function Examples

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