Excel Basics

Learn the basics of Excel by reviewing easy to follow tutorials, tricks, and tips.

Create a Drop Down List

If you want to force user for selecting data from the fixed data items and prevent user from entering custom data for any...

Create a Dynamic Name Range Table in Excel

Learn to create a dynamic name range in Excel

Named Ranges in Excel – Setup, Rules, and Uses

Learn how to use Named Ranges in Excel.

GOAL SEEK in EXCEL – What-If Analysis

Learn to master Goal Seek in Excel. We cover multiple real world examples.

A1 vs R1C1 Reference Style

Learn the difference between A1 vs R1C1 Reference Style in Excel.

Randomly Sort Data in Excel

Learn to randomly sort data in Excel by using this simple trick. The RAND Function can be used to randomly sort a data set by applying a numerical number.

Display Formula and Value Simultaneously

Ever need to display a formula and value simultaneously in the same spreadsheet? This could not be easier to...

Clear a filter in Excel

After filtering has been done, you might want to change or do away with the filtering. Clearing can...

How to apply Multiple Filters in Excel

We are going to cover how to use Multiple filters in Excel. A Filter is cumulative, this implies that you can apply...

Data Filtering in Microsoft Excel 2013

Filtering is a fast and easy approach of sorting work with a portion of data so that you are able to display only...

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