Excel Basics

Learn the basics of Excel by reviewing easy to follow tutorials, tricks, and tips.

Print to X Number of Pages

Sometimes when using Excel you may want to customize the way that you print the information you are working with.  One option...

GOAL SEEK in EXCEL – What-If Analysis

Learn to master Goal Seek in Excel. We cover multiple real world examples.

Create a Drop Down List

If you want to force user for selecting data from the fixed data items and prevent user from entering custom data for any...
Excel Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator Template

Learn to create a tip calculator template in Excel. This basic template allows you to setup a tip calculator for splitting up...

How are dates stored in Excel?

Learn how dates are stored sequentially in Excel.

Named Ranges in Excel – Setup, Rules, and Uses

Learn how to use Named Ranges in Excel.

_xlfn. prefix in Excel

The Excel _xlfn. prefix indicates that your workbook contains a function that is not supported by your version of Excel.

Pivot Tables

Overview: Pivot tables are one of the most versatile and powerful tools available in Excel. They allow you to...

Calculate Work Days in Excel

Calculate Work Days in Excel Using the following Functions Learn how to calculate work days for a given year,...

Randomly Sort Data in Excel

Learn to randomly sort data in Excel by using this simple trick. The RAND Function can be used to randomly sort a data set by applying a numerical number.

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