FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Does Excelbuddy offer individual assistance?

We will work with clients on an individual basis. However, for general Excel questions or support, please ask in our community forum. If your document has confidential information, please contact us directly.

Does Excelbuddy offer advertising options?

We offer individual advertising options based on specific campaigns. Please reach out to us using the contact form.

There is a mistake on one of your tutorials!

From time to time, even Excelbuddy can make a mistake. We ask that you kindly send us a quick message so we can address immediately.

Will Excelbuddy review programs or add-on products?

Absolutely, we would gladly review an Excel or Tableau add-on product. Please reach out to us to get started.

Does Excelbuddy accept user submitted tutorials?

Yes, of course we do. If you are interested in sending us a tutorial, please use the contact form to reach out to us. We also pay for professionally written and high quality tutorials on Excel and Tableau. Refer to our Earn-and-Submit program page.

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