Import/Export Data in Tableau

Let’s take an example by importing data.

Goto> Data> Microsoft Excel gives the location of the file, for example. C:\Users\Dell\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Datasources\2019.1\en_US-EU

And select the system file Sample – EU Superstore.xls

This will import data from excel file (see the preview of data) as follows.

You can see there are three sheets in one file of excel, see the view of the same data source in Tableau as follows.

On the left-hand side column, we have three sheets names, and if we click them, their preview is shown with Tableau on right (bottom). You can also add filters from here to monitor data.

On the bottom (left) corner you can see Data source window is opened. Now, let’s move to Sheet1 window.

In the sheet1 window, there is a left the column of navigation, then a middle column of the page, filter, marks, and a then right huge area with ‘drop field here’ mention at several places. There is an important tool on top (right) ‘show me’ which will help you to choose suitable graphs and charts that best fits in with your data type.

After you finish making a graph/chart from your data, you can export the final output to a Powerpoint.

Goto File>Export as powerpoint, give a file name and save where you want. You can also save your work with Tableau extension, you can open this file in the future to resume your work. For this, Goto File> Export Packaged Workbook.

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