Linked Checkbox – True / False

Before starting this tutorial, please ensure that you are familiar with adding a checkbox into an Excel worksheet. Also, it may help to download the demonstration file.

Download the Demo File:  Check Boxes in Excel.xlsx

In this tutorial, we will cover linking a checkbox in excel with additional logic. For example, when a checkbox is clicked, a specific cell shows the value of True or False.

  • Right click on the checkbox and click “Format Control”
  • Go to the control tab.
  • Select “Checked” or “Unchecked”
  • We then select the cell we want to link.

In the following video, I show how this can used to load a shipping container.

You can also create a nice status feature using the following “IF function.


2 thoughts on “Linked Checkbox – True / False”

  1. I think what I am trying to accomplish is somewhat along the lines of what you showed. I am trying to get the checkbox TRUE (meaning checked off) to show a different list of names of people in F3, whereas when it is FALSE (meaning unchecked off) it will show a completely different list of people’s names in the same F3 drop down list.

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