Selections, Formatting Cells and Color (Color Index)

Majorly, all the programming or tasks you do in Excel requires you using Cells, or focuses on Cells, therefore, you need to really understand and have a basic knowledge of how to program and manipulate these cells. This part of the tutorial will cover Selections, Formatting of Cells, and Color (Color Index).

To start with, you need to first understand a particular concept called Range Object. This Range represents a cell or multiple cells in your Excel worksheet i.e. A Range object can be as small as a single cell (for example, “B4”) or as large as every one of the 17,179,869,184 cells in a worksheet (A1:XFD1048576) .

Range Object has what is called Properties and Methods; which are used to manipulate cell values, change values, formatting cells, return attributes etc.

A Property stores information about the object (e.g. a Cell), such as its address (e.g. $A$1), its column number, its font name, even both its font color and background color.

A Method on the other hand, is an action the object can perform. The Range Object can perform many actions, including being selected, cleared, copied, replaced and sorted.

There are so many of these Methods (actions) and Properties (Information), but this tutorial will look into Selection Method, Color Property and few other Properties for formatting cells.

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