Use a Letter to Represent a Value in Excel

This tutorial will show you how to use a letter to represent a specific value. Using this process, you can perform mathematical calculations, such as multiplying X time Y. We are able to do this in Excel by using the Lookup Function.



Let’s look at the example below. In column “A” we have our letters and in column “B” we have our corresponding values.

We use the formula =LOOKUP(“B”,A2:B10) to pull the value tied to letter “B”. In this case, the value returned is 8.

Use a letter to Represent a Value in Excel

Multiply/Subtract/Divide etc.

In the example below, we string together two LOOKUP functions to multiply the value of B * C. This can be amended to perform various calculations.

=LOOKUP("B",A2:B10)*LOOKUP("C",A2:B10)    Result = 32
Use a letter to Represent a Value in Excel

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