“We can’t connect to” in Excel

“We can’t connect to” pop-up! If you have ever received an Excel document sent to you loaded with Macros, chances are you will probably received an error message the moment you open the file. Excel files that are linked to databases tend to cause issues if sent outside of an intranet setting. This error is primarily due to incorrect formatting from the sender.

Regardless, every time you open the document, you may receive multiple error messages stating that Excel is unable “to connect to “https…” ,”We can’t connect to”, etc.

We can't connect to:
Microsoft Excel cannot access

There are two easy fixes

Non VBA Method

Click on Data > Queries & Connections

Queries & Connections

Now Right Click on the Connection and Hit Delete

Delete Connection


Launch the Macro editor and place the following VBA code. Now Run the Macro.

This will clear all of the data connections in the workbook.

Sub DeleteAllConnections()

Dim i As Long
For i = ActiveWorkbook.Connections.Count To 1 Step -1
Next 'i

End Sub

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