The WORKDAY.INTL function in Excel returns the nearest working from a specified date while using defined offset values. These offset values are user defined and explained in more detail below.

The WORKDAY.INTL function enables you to customize which days are considered weekends. Weekend days are considered non-working days in Excel. This function provides more customization options than the WORKDAY function alone.


  • start_date – The start date
  • days – Days from start date
  • weekend – Specified weekend days. Weekend codes are below. Default is 1 – Saturday and Sunday
  • holidays – List of holiday’s to be treated as non-working days. There are no default holidays in Excel.


Options for selecting the weekend days


Let’s define a list of holidays to be treated as non-working days.

Here is an example of the various results using different weekend codes for the same date. In our example, we use the standard date of 11/22/2019 with weekend codes 17, 11, and 6.

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