CONVERT Function in Excel

The CONVERT function in Excel converts a number from a specific measurement system to another. Some common uses of this function is converting various lengths. For example, you can easily determine how many inches are in a certain amount of feet. You can also convert metric to imperial for all the Americans.


=CONVERT (number, from_unit, to_unit)


  • number – The numeric value to convert.
  • from_unit – The starting units for number.
  • to_unit – The ending units for the result.

CONVERT Function Usage Examples

In order to use the CONVERT Function, you need to specify the specific units. Look at the examples below. You can easily select which units you want to convert based on the chart below.

=CONVERT(50,"in","ft") /// returns 4.166
=CONVERT(50,"gal","oz") /// returns 6400
=CONVERT(50,"gal","cup") /// returns 800
=CONVERT(50,"bushel","yd^3") /// returns 2.3045

The following conversion option choices are available in Excel by default.

CONVERT Function Units
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