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Learn predefined excel functions used to calculate specific values. Excelbuddy covers dozens of functions with easy to follow demonstrations.


Learn to use the INDIRECT Function in Excel.

DSUM Function

The Dsum function is used to calculate a specified column in a database that correlates with a specified criteria.

EXACT Function

The EXACT function compares two strings of text. The main limitation of using the Exact function is it is Case Sensitive. If...

TODAY Function

Learn to use the TODAY function in Excel.

NOW Function

Learn to use the NOW Function in Excel


The NETWORKDAYS function in Excel allows you to return the number of workdays between two specified dates. This function automatically excludes weekends...

DATEDIF Function

The DATEDIF Function in Excel is used to calculate the number of days, months, or years between two dates. A common error...

DATE Function in Excel

The Excel date function is built directly into Excel. You can use this function in a variety of useful ways.

VLOOKUP Function in Excel

Comprehensive VLOOKUP glossary with downloadable examples.

CUMIPMT Function

How much interested have I paid? The CUMIPMT Function in Excel is a financial function designed to calculate and return the...

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