Full-Frame Crop Factor Calculator in Excel

Easily determine the Full-Frame Crop Factor of your various lenses using the following calculator in Excel. If you shoot with a Full-Frame or Crop sensor camera, chances are you have an assortment of lenses. This calculator quickly determines the comparable field of view.

Full-Frame Crop Factor with Different Camera Sensors

Depending on the digital camera brand, APS-C, or crop sensor cameras have various sensor sizes. Typically, Canon cameras typically have a crop factor of 1.6 while Sony’s average around 1.5. A camera is considered Full-Frame when the sensor size is 35mm (36mm x 24mm). A full-frame sensor is the approximate size of 35mm film. In most cases, the larger the sensor, the more that particular camera will cost.

SONY A7iii
Shows the difference between a full-framer sensor vs crop censor.

There are plenty of websites online that go into details on crop factors. However, you really only need to understand two concepts.

  • Smaller sensors have a narrower field of view than larger sensors when using lenses of the same focal length.
  • Full frame lenses on crop sensor cameras will increase the focal view. (55 Full-frame is 82.55 on a crop sensor camera).

Let’s put this into practical terms. Say you are using a Sony A6500 which has a 1.5 crop factor and you want to use the Sony Sonnar T* FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA Lens. This lens is designed for a full-frame camera. If you use this lens on the Sony A6500, the real field of view would be 82.85.

Crop factor calculator in Excel.
Full-Frame Crop Factor Calculator

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