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Excel Basics

Learn the basics of Excel by reviewing easy to follow tutorials, tricks, and tips.

Excel Rounding Functions

Rounding functions in Excel

Complete overview of rounding options in Excel.

Creating a Template in Excel

To create a new template in Excel, follow the steps below. In this example, we will be creating the structure for a...

Create a Drop Down List

If you want to force user for selecting data from the fixed data items and prevent user from entering custom data for any...
Excel Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator Template

Learn to create a tip calculator template in Excel. This basic template allows you to setup a tip calculator for splitting up...

Add a Checkbox in Excel

Learn to add a checkbox in excel. This tutorial will provide a simple way to gain more usability from standard spreadsheet.

Find and Replace in Excel

Learn how to use the Find and Replace feature in Excel. This handy tool can save you a ton of time and...

Calculate Work Days in Excel

Calculate Work Days in Excel Using the following Functions Learn how to calculate work days for a given year,...

Sum if between

To sum if between in Excel, we need to use the SUMIFS Function and define our criteria.

How to apply Multiple Filters in Excel

We are going to cover how to use Multiple filters in Excel. A Filter is cumulative, this implies that you can apply...

Print to X Number of Pages

Sometimes when using Excel you may want to customize the way that you print the information you are working with.  One option...

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