Excel Basics

Learn the basics of Excel by reviewing easy to follow tutorials, tricks, and tips.

How to apply Multiple Filters in Excel

We are going to cover how to use Multiple filters in Excel. A Filter is cumulative, this implies that you can apply...

Data Validation Techniques in Excel

We are going to cover Data validation techniques in Excel. Data validation is a very important feature of Excel document. This feature...

Linked Checkbox – True / False

Before starting this tutorial, please ensure that you are familiar with adding a checkbox into an Excel worksheet. Also, it may help...

Round Numbers in Excel

Rounding numbers in excel is critical in order to make spreadsheets look more professional.

Pivot Tables

Overview: Pivot tables are one of the most versatile and powerful tools available in Excel. They allow you to...

GOAL SEEK in EXCEL – What-If Analysis

Learn to master Goal Seek in Excel. We cover multiple real world examples.

Clear a filter in Excel

After filtering has been done, you might want to change or do away with the filtering. Clearing can...

Create a Dynamic Name Range Table in Excel

Learn to create a dynamic name range in Excel

Named Ranges in Excel – Setup, Rules, and Uses

Learn how to use Named Ranges in Excel.

Autofilter in Excel

AutoFilter Excel offers an easy way to search or modify complex data sets using the AutoFilter feature. In order to use...

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