Round Numbers in Excel

Learn to round numbers in Excel. Rounding numbers in excel is critical in order to make spreadsheets look more professional.  I use the following trick on a weekly basis to round to the nearest thousandth place. When dealing with large figures, such as sales dollars, it enables your spreadsheet to become easier to read and comprehend.

Round Number Process

  1. Select the cells containing the numbers you want to display as thousands.
  2. Select Format, Cells, and click the Number tab.
  3. In the Category box select Custom
  4. In the Type box enter #,##0,  and click OK
Rounding Numbers

20,134,151  will be displayed as 20,134.   Please note that if you select that cell, the full number will be displayed.

round numbers

Within the Custom category, you can play around with preexisting templates or create your own.

ROUND Numbers in Excel
Round Numbers in Excel

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