Add Camera Tool to the Quick Access Toolbar

Adding the Camera tool to the Quick Access Toolbar

The Camera tool allows you to select a range of cells and literally insert a live picture into a spreadsheet.  Any change to the range of cells will automatically update the image.

In order to use the Camera tool, we must first add it to the Command Bar. 

Add the Camera Tool to the Quick Access Toolbar

In order to use the Camera tool, it first must be added to the quick access toolbar.

Camera Tool
Total Time Needed: 2 minutes

Required Tools:

- Microsoft Excel

Adding the Camera tool.

Step 1 : Right click on anywhere on the Quick access Toolbar
To begin, you need to right click on the Quick Access Toolbar and select "Customize the Ribbon"
Camera Tool
Step 1.5 : Select "Customize Ribbon"
Camera 2
Step 2 : Select "All Commands" from the drop down menu
Camera 2
Step 3 : Select "Camera"
Camera 2
Step 4 : Under "Customize the Ribbon", select "Main Tabs"
Camera 2
Step 5 : Pick "Home" or any other Section
Camera 2
Step 6 : Create a "New Group"
Camera 2
Step 7 : Rename the "New Group" ie "Camera"
Camera 2
Step 8 : Click Add the Ok
Camera 2

The camera tool is now added to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Camera Toolbar

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